Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and lets make 2013 our best year yet!

Happy New Year and lets make 2013 our best year yet!

May all my friends, family and colleagues enjoy New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - take care of one another - your pets and - DO NOT DRIVE if you are drinking. Gold Bless all of you and you all are in my prayers - Amen

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to All

Please hug your animals - and if you can give them kisses - hugs and lots of love this Christmas Eve and forever!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feed the Children, Man, Woman and the Animals

Gracious God, we confess that we have allowed there to be hungry people, hungry animals in this world, in this country, and in this community. We confess that we live comfortably within the systems that keep them hungry.

 We confess that our cries for justice have not been persistent enough and that our hope for change has not been consistent enough. Forgive us, O God. Hear our prayers and renew in us the passion and capacity to join our voices in thecries for justice on behalf of all those who hunger. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight.

The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. They're our students and our teachers and our parents and our friends. The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels, but every time we think we have measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we're reminded that that capacity may well be limitless. This is a time for American heroes. We will do what is hard. We will achieve what is great. This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars. God bless their memory, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America." Amen Pastor Robert Paul!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RIP sweet handsome boy.

This one breaks my heart - my Toby, Saint Francis and God at the Rainbow Bridge welcomed you with open arms - God keep you Harvey - Amen.

Animal Control got a call about a dog chained up in a backyard, lying in the dirt, unable to move and crying out in pain. When they arrived they found a “newly” abandoned house and a filthy backyard and this poor old boy. They found out fro...m neighbors that the family had left many weeks ago and left him. He had no food or water anywhere and no shelter, no blankets just chained to a pole. He could not walk and was very lethargic and crying. They brought him to the hospital with only a number. He was about 14 years old and covered in tumors, could not stand or walk and one of his ears was missing. He had scars and cuts all over his body and was covered in fleas and maggots. He was suffering beyond words. I named him ♥ Harvey ♥ and stood by his side while he took his last breath and petted him and told him what a good boy he was and that he would no longer be neglected or suffer. He looked at me with such pretty brown eyes as to say “thank you” and then he was gone.

I’m sorry Harvey that your POS owners left you alone to die by yourself but you did not die alone and you did not die in vain, you will not be forgotten and now you are able to run free. Please share Harvey –abandoning animals is not the answer and poor Harvey deserved so much better * RIP sweet handsome boy.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Both a heart of steel and a heart of gold

It takes both a heart of steel and a heart of gold to be able to endure what we do. Thank you to all of you out there struggling to make a difference.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard.

A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard.

During the night, someone came across this.

An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to ...
sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort.

No one had the heart to send him away so he was there all night.
We should all have the good sense of this dog and curl up in Jesus' lap from time to time.
This is too sweet not to share.

No one mentioned that the dog breed is a "shepherd!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beautiful Boris...

For my beautiful Boris...I will never forget you and thank you for sharing your life with me. It has been a honor to know you. I have learned so much from you.

Zak & Company'a  Boris

The Rainbow Bridge

Time is Too slow for those who wait, Too swift for those who fear, ...Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice, But for those who love, Time is not.
There is a bridge connecting heaven and earth.

It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colours. Just this side
of the Rainbow Bridge is land of meadows, hills and valleys, all of it covered with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this lovely land. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. There, the old and frail are young again.

Those who are maimed are made whole once more. They play all day with each other, content and comfortable.

There is one thing missing. They are not with the special person who loved them on Earth. So each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up! Then, the nose twitches! The ears are up! The eyes are staring! You have been seen, and that one suddenly runs from the group!
You take him or her in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then, together, you cross the Rainbow Bridge, never again to be separated.
Zak & Company!/pages/Zak-Company/186745678019285

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Military Working Dog

Military Working Dog Lex who sits in front of his daddy's gravesite. Cpl. Dustin Lee was KIA 3/21/07 and MWD Lex was right by his side. MWD Lex was adopted by the Lee family
(Thank you so much Michael Bar Kefa for the posting! Hugs, Sparrow)

Friday, November 30, 2012

The brute animals have all the same sensations of pain as human beings!

The brute animals have all the same sensations of pain as human beings, and consequently endure as much pain when their body is hurt; but in their case the cruelty of torment is greater, because they have no mind to bear them up against sufferings, and no hope to look forward to when enduring the last extreme pain!
Please help us share the message: Animals are like us- they love, they mourn, they suffer, they FEEL!

Photo: Nandkumar NalawadeSee More

Monday, November 26, 2012

“My times are in your hands...”

“My times are in your hands...”
(Psalm 31:15, NIV)

65 Dogs Found Chained in Massive Suspected Dog Fighting Operation Need Your Help TONIGHT!
"Starving, emaciated & abused" News Channel 5

On Thanksgiving night, whilst most of us relaxed with our families, a brush fire broke out in Ashland ...City Tennessee. As firefighters responded they uncovered the most horrific scene, they found 65 dogs, many of them chained to the ground. Many of these dogs were totally emaciated, some had infected wounds and many of others dogs had untreated broken bones.

The authorities were called in, and it is now believed that this was ground zero for what may indeed have been the biggest dog fighting operation in the history of the state of Tennessee.

Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) immediately responded in full force and, working with Local and Federal law enforcement, yesterday all 65 dogs were removed from the property. ARC Founder Scotlund Haisley described the situation as 'the worst conditions he has ever seen'. He went on to say that this operation had probably "been going on for decades".

Video from the local News Channel 5 shows the reality and the life of hell in which these animals were kept:

Dogs used in fighting rings live an unimaginable life. Fighting dogs are often beaten, shot or burned alive if they lose a fight, and that is presuming they actually survive it. Bait dogs (used to raise aggression before a fight) often have their teeth ripped out and their mouths taped shut so they cannot fight back. Dogs injured during fights or 'training' almost never receive any kind of vet care or treatment, and thus a slow painful death is an every day event for these tortured, innocent animals.

Most of these dogs had never known the touch of a kind loving hand, but thanks to ARC, tonight they will never know anything else.

ARC is now treating all 65 dogs and is committed to ensuring that not only do they receive the care which they need, but that every single one of them will eventually find a loving forever home.

As Haisley and his Team entered the premises he made these animals this promise, "your suffering ends right now". Please help him keep this promise and donate whatever you can spare.

I know that times are hard, but I will give if you will. This operation will cost at least $20,000, and right now just $5000 has been raised. So, I will match the next $1000 that you give tonight before Midnight Pacific Time. To donate online now please go to:

Animal Rescue Corps is a Registered 501(c)3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible. If you cannot give then please SHARE this post in order that these precious dogs may finally get the help they so desperately deserve, thank you so much.

Chris Hoar
Co-Founder, Pet PardonsSee More

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from all of us!

“O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!”
(1 Chronicles 16:34, AMP)

Father in heaven, thank You for another day to praise You. Thank You for all You have done in my life. Help me to see Your hand of blessing as I continually acknowledge and praise Your name in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe and enjoyable holiday - Pastor Robert Paul~ Toby and Mr. Cooper!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bull Who Cried:

Knowing it was about to be slaughtered, a bull in Hong Kong did what many people fail to realize or are skeptic about when it comes to animals – he showed emotion.

As reported by “Weekly World News”, a group of workers walked a bull to a packaging factory. They were about to slaughter him to make steaks and beef stews. When they were close to the front door of the slaughter house, the sorrowful bull suddenly stopped going forward and knelt down on his two front legs. The bull… was all in tears.

How did he know he was going to get killed before he entered the slaughter house? He is even smarter than people.

Mr. Shiu, a butcher recalled, “When I saw this kind of so-called “stupid” animal sobbing and with his eyes in fear and sorrow, I started trembling.” “I called the rest over to see. They were just as surprised. We kept pushing the bull forward, but he just didn’t want to move and sat there crying.”

Billy Fong, owner of the packaging factory said, “People thought animals didn’t cry like human beings. However that bull really sobbed like a baby.” At that time, more than ten strong men witnessed the scene and they were all touched. Those who were responsible for slaughtering even felt more touched and teared as well.

Other workers working at the same slaughter house also came to see the crying bull. It was all packed with people. They were all shock by this scene. Three of them said they would never forget this crying bull when they slaughter other animals.

With both man and animal crying, everyone knew that nobody could kill the bull. The problem was, what should they do with him? In the end, they raised funds to buy this crying bull and sent him to a temple, where the kind monks would take care of him for life.

After the workers had made a decision, a miracle happened. A worker said, “When we promised this bull that we will not kill him, he started moving and followed us.”

How did he understand people’s words?

Mr. Shiu said “Believe it or not? This is real although it sounds unbelievable.” No doubt, this bull changed these butchers’ lives.

Hopefully this story has in turn changed yours.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Save the Tigers!!

Save the Tigers!!

From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India.

Please SHARE our Wildlife and Nature page.

Make A Difference

PLEASE, we have many seniors at the shelter. Most have never know human kindness, love, a simple pat on the head. Many were found in a semi-starved condition and have been abused. Their eyes tell the story. Please find it in your hearts to make a difference.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At least 18 dead, millions without power in Sandy's aftermath

At least 18 dead, millions without power in Sandy's aftermath

As Superstorm Sandy churned slowly inland, millions along the U.S. East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass transit, and huge swaths of New York City were unusually dark and abandoned. At least 18 people were killed in seven states.

The storm that made landfall in New Jersey on Monday evening with hurricane force cut power to at least 7.4 million across the East and put the presidential campaign on hold just one week before Election Day.
New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart closed for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center. The storm caused the worst damage in the 108-year history of New York's subway system, and there was no indication of when the largest U.S. transit system would be rolling again.

But the full extent of the damage in New Jersey was being revealed as morning arrived. Emergency crews fanned out to rescue hundreds.

A hoarse-voiced New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave bleak news at a morning news conference: Seaside rail lines washed away. No safe place on the state's barrier islands for him to land. Parts of the coast still under water.

"It is beyond anything I thought I'd ever see," he said. "It is a devastating sight right now."
The death toll from Sandy in the U.S. climbed to 18, including several killed by falling trees. Sandy also killed 69 people in the Caribbean before making its way up the Eastern Seaboard.

Airlines canceled more than 12,000 flights. New York City's three major airports remained closed.
President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in New York and Long Island, making federal funding available to residents of the area. He suspended campaigning again Tuesday.

Trading at the New York Stock Exchange was canceled again Tuesday after the storm sent a nearly 14-foot surge of seawater, a record, coursing over its seawalls and highways and into low-lying streets. The water inundated tunnels, subway stations and the electrical system that powers Wall Street and sent hospital patients and tourists scrambling for safety. Skyscrapers swayed and creaked in winds that partially toppled a crane 74 stories above Midtown. A large tanker ship ran aground on the city's Staten Island.

A fire raged in a city neighborhood Tuesday morning near the Atlantic Ocean, with 80 to 100 homes destroyed but no deaths reported.

"This will be one for the record books," said John Miksad, senior vice president for electric operations at Consolidated Edison, which had more than 670,000 customers without power in and around New York City.

In New Jersey, where the superstorm came ashore, a huge swell of water swept over the small town of Moonachie, and authorities struggled to rescue about 800 people, some of them living in a trailer park. Police and fire officials used boats to try to reach the stranded.

"I saw trees not just knocked down but ripped right out of the ground. I watched a tree crush a guy's house like a wet sponge," mobile home park resident Juan Allen said.

The massive storm reached well into the Midwest with heavy rain and snow. Chicago officials warned residents to stay away from the Lake Michigan shore as the city prepared for winds of up to 60 mph and waves exceeding 24 feet well into Wednesday.

Curiosity turned to concern overnight as New York City residents watched whole neighborhoods disappear into darkness as power was cut. The World Trade Center site was a glowing ghost near the tip of Lower Manhattan. Residents reported seeing no lights but the strobes of emergency vehicles and the glimpses of flashlights in nearby apartments. Lobbies were flooded, cars floated and people started to worry about food.

As Hurricane Sandy closed in on the Northeast, it converged with a cold-weather system that turned it into a monstrous hybrid of rain and high winds -- even bringing snow in West Virginia and other mountainous areas inland.

Just before it made landfall, forecasters stripped Sandy of hurricane status, but the distinction was purely technical, based on its shape and internal temperature. It still packed hurricane-force winds.

While the hurricane's 90 mph winds registered as only a Category 1 on a scale of five, it packed "astoundingly low" barometric pressure, giving it terrific energy to push water inland, said Kerry Emanuel, a professor of meteorology at MIT.

"We are looking at the highest storm surges ever recorded" in the Northeast, said Jeff Masters, meteorology director for Weather Underground, a private forecasting service.

Tunnels and bridges to Manhattan were shut down, and some flooded.

"We have no idea how long it's going to take" to restore the transit system, MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said Tuesday.

New York University's Tisch Hospital was forced to evacuate 200 patients after its backup generator failed. NYU Medical Dean Robert Grossman said patients -- among them 20 babies from the neonatal intensive care unit who were on battery-powered respirators -- had to be carried down staircases and to dozens of ambulances waiting to take them to other hospitals.

A construction crane atop a $1.5 billion luxury high-rise overlooking Central Park collapsed in high winds and dangled precariously. Thousands of people were ordered to leave several nearby buildings as a precaution.

Reggie Thomas emerged

Tuesday morning from his job as a maintenance supervisor at a prison near the overflowing Hudson River, a toothbrush in his front pocket, to find his 2011 Honda with its windows down and a foot of water inside.
"It's totaled," Thomas said, with a shrug. "You would have needed a boat last night."

Read more:

Monday, October 29, 2012


Our 82-foot Red Star Rescue Rig and emergency services teams are on their way to save and shelter animals in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Millions are in danger. Help now at !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

God is all around us!

“And [so that you can know and understand] what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe...”

(Ephesians 1:19, AMP) Father, thank You for Your unlimited supply of everything I need in this life. I open my heart to You; I choose to take the limits off. Increase me so that I can receive every blessing You have in store for me in Jesus’ name.

Amen. Pastor Robert Paul~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Funny Animals & Kids videos

Funny Animals & Kids videos

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dolphin Birth Caught in Amazing Underwater Video

Dolphin Birth Caught in Amazing Underwater Video LiveScience Staff Date: 25 September 2012 Time: 01:23 PM ET A female dolphin was born at a Hawaiian resort last week and amazing underwater video footage shows the baby's birth and first swim with her mom. The 12-year-old dolphin mom, Keo, gave birth after about an hour of labor in a lagoon at the Dolphin Quest marine park, part of the Hilton Waikoloa Village. The video shows Keo's calf slowly emerging tail-first. Once she's born, the baby begins swimming a little erratically but soon glides easily alongside her mom. Dolphin Quest officials said the calf started nursing within four hours of birth. (Dolphin pregnancies like Keo's last about a year, a stint that can be a real drag on the expectant mamas: Past research has shown pregnant dolphins get so hefty they actually swim slower.) The calf is the 18th born at Dolphin Quest since 1988. In addition to the new baby's grandmother, Pele, and dolphin-aunt Noelani, human trainers were in the water to observe and help Keo. [See Video above of Dolphin Birth] "The trust shared between Keo and her human crew members throughout the birth of this beautiful baby was extraordinary," Rae Stone, a marine mammal vet, said in a statement from Dolphin Quest. "Keo clearly sought out and took comfort and reassurance from her human friends. And she willingly swam up to the dock to allow veterinarians to check the baby's heart rate with ultrasound during labor. This permitted the veterinarians to assess the baby's physical condition at a critical time." Trainers plan to name the calf after her initial 30-day care period, during which they will closely watch the baby's nursing and respiration rates and get her acquainted with the other nine dolphins at the marine park.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keep and Guard your heart

Dear Heavenly Father,

thank you for the plan of victory you have for my life. Thank you for giving me the strength to guard my heart by staying focused on you. Hep me stay focused on my ministry and your thoughts for my life. Amen Pastor Robert Paul~  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in 1181.

Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in 1181.
Francis never wanted to found a religious order -- this former knight thought that sounded too military. He thought of what he was doing as expressing God's brotherhood. His companions came from all walks of life, from fields and towns, nobility and common people, universities, the Church, and the merchant class. Francis practiced true equality by showing honor, respect, and love to every person whether they were beggar or pope.

Francis' brotherhood included all of God's creation. Much has been written about Francis' love of nature but his relationship was deeper than that. We call someone a lover of nature if they spend their free time in the woods or admire its beauty. But Francis really felt that nature, all God's creations, were part of his brotherhood. The sparrow was as much his brother as the pope.

In one famous story, Francis preached to hundreds of birds about being thankful to God for their wonderful clothes, for their independence, and for God's care. The story tells us the birds stood still as he walked among him, only flying off when he said they could leave.

Another famous story involves a wolf that had been eating human beings. Francis intervened when the town wanted to kill the wolf and talked the wolf into never killing again. The wolf became a pet of the townspeople who made sure that he always had plenty to eat.

Following the Gospel literally, Francis and his companions went out to preach two by two. At first, listeners were understandably hostile to these men in rags trying to talk about God's love. People even ran from them for fear they'd catch this strange madness! And they were right. Because soon these same people noticed that these barefoot beggars wearing sacks seemed filled with constant joy. They celebrated life. And people had to ask themselves: Could one own nothing and be happy? Soon those who had met them with mud and rocks, greeted them with bells and smiles.

Francis did not try to abolish poverty, he tried to make it holy. When his friars met someone poorer than they, they would eagerly rip off the sleeve of their habit to give to the person. They worked for all necessities and only begged if they had to. But Francis would not let them accept any money. He told them to treat coins as if they were pebbles in the road. When the bishop showed horror at the friars' hard life, Francis said, "If we had any possessions we should need weapons and laws to defend them." Possessing something was the death of love for Francis. Also, Francis reasoned, what could you do to a man who owns nothing? You can't starve a fasting man, you can't steal from someone who has no money, you can't ruin someone who hates prestige. They were truly free.

Francis was a man of action. His simplicity of life extended to ideas and deeds. If there was a simple way, no matter how impossible it seemed, Francis would take it. So when Francis wanted approval for his brotherhood, he went straight to Rome to see Pope Innocent III. You can imagine what the pope thought when this beggar approached him! As a matter of fact he threw Francis out. But when he had a dream that this tiny man in rags held up the tilting Lateran basilica, he quickly called Francis back and gave him permission to preach.

Sometimes this direct approach led to mistakes that he corrected with the same spontaneity that he made them. Once he ordered a brother who hesitated to speak because he stuttered to go preach half-naked. When Francis realized how he had hurt someone he loved he ran to town, stopped the brother, took off his own clothes, and preached instead.

Francis acted quickly because he acted from the heart; he didn't have time to put on a role. Once he was so sick and exhausted, his companions borrowed a mule for him to ride. When the man who owned the mule recognized Francis he said, "Try to be as virtuous as everyone thinks you are because many have a lot of confidence in you." Francis dropped off the mule and knelt before the man to thank him for his advice.
Another example of his directness came when he decided to go to Syria to convert the Moslems while the Fifth Crusade was being fought. In the middle of a battle, Francis decided to do the simplest thing and go straight to the sultan to make peace. When he and his companion were captured, the real miracle was that they weren't killed. Instead Francis was taken to the sultan who was charmed by Francis and his preaching. He told Francis, "I would convert to your religion which is a beautiful one -- but both of us would be murdered."

Francis did find persecution and martyrdom of a kind -- not among the Moslems, but among his own brothers. When he returned to Italy, he came back to a brotherhood that had grown to 5000 in ten years. Pressure came from outside to control this great movement, to make them conform to the standards of others. His dream of radical poverty was too harsh, people said. Francis responded, "Lord, didn't I tell you they wouldn't trust you?"

He finally gave up authority in his order -- but he probably wasn't too upset about it. Now he was just another brother, like he'd always wanted.

Francis' final years were filled with suffering as well as humiliation. Praying to share in Christ's passion he had a vision received the stigmata, the marks of the nails and the lance wound that Christ suffered, in his own body.

Years of poverty and wandering had made Francis ill. When he began to go blind, the pope ordered that his eyes be operated on. This meant cauterizing his face with a hot iron. Francis spoke to "Brother Fire": "Brother Fire, the Most High has made you strong and beautiful and useful. Be courteous to me now in this hour, for I have always loved you, and temper your heat so that I can endure it." And Francis reported that Brother Fire had been so kind that he felt nothing at all.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Recent years have witnessed a truly remarkable upgrowth of interest in the life and work of St. Francis, more especially among non-Catholics, and Assisi has become in consequence the goal of a new race of pilgrims. This interest, for the most part literary and academic, is centered mainly in the study of the primitive documents relating to the saint's history and the beginnings of the Franciscan Order.  

Although inaugurated some years earlier, this movement received its greatest impulse from the publication in 1894 of Paul Sabatier's "Vie de S. François", a work which was almost simultaneously crowned by the French Academy and place upon the Index. In spite of the author's entire lack of sympathy with the saint's religious standpoint, his biography of Francis bespeaks vast erudition, deep research, and rare critical insight, and it has opened up a new era in the study of Franciscan resources.  

To further this study an International Society of Franciscan Studies was founded at Assisi in 1902, the aim of which is to collect a complete library of works on Franciscan history and to compile a catalogue of scattered Franciscan manuscripts; several periodicals, devoted to Franciscan documents and discussions exclusively, have moreover been established in different countries. Although a large literature has grown up around the figure of the Poverello within a short time, nothing new of essential value has been added to what was already known of the saint.  

The energetic research work of recent years has resulted in the recovery of several important early texts, and has called forth many really fine critical studies dealing with the sources, but the most welcome feature of the modern interest in Franciscan origins has been the careful re-editing and translating of Francis's own writings and of nearly all the contemporary manuscript authorities bearing on his life. Not a few of the controverted questions connected therewith are of considerable import, even to those not especially students of the Franciscan legend, but they could not be made intelligible within the limits of the present article. It must suffice, moreover, to indicate only some of the chief works on the life of St. Francis.  

The writings of St. Francis have been published in "Opuscula S. P. Francisci Assisiensis" (Quaracchi, 1904); Böhmer, "Analekten zur Geschichte des Franciscus von Assisi" (Tübingen, 1904); U. d'Alençon, "Les Opuscules de S. François d' Assise" (Paris, 1905); Robinson, "The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi" (Philadelphia, 1906).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some great smiling pictures

Peaceful Sunday to all: Some great smiling pictures - enjoy your Sunday -
Grace & Peace Pastor Robert Paul~

Friday, September 14, 2012

Argentinian dog stays by his master’s grave for six years

Argentinian dog stays by his master’s grave for six years

Capitán found the cemetery by HIMSELF, says owner Miguel Guzmán’s widow, Verónica Moreno. The dog has his own schedule at the grave, too, laying down by his late master at 6 p.m. EVERY day.

Every day at 6 p.m. Capitán lies down beside the grave of his master, Miguel Guzmán.

One Argentinian dog has spent the past six years proving he’s a man’s best friend, even though that man is dead.

Capitán, a mutt who is some parts German Shepard, disappeared from his home in the small town of Villa Carlos Paz in the center of Argentina following the death of his owner, Miguel Guzmán, in March of 2006.
For days, nobody in Guzmán’s family noticed the absence of the dog, a surprise gift the man had given his young son, Damián, in the middle of 2005.

That was, until the family visited Miguel’s grave at a municipal cemetery.

“Damián started to shout that it was Capitán and the dog came toward us barking, as if he were crying,” Guzmán’s wife, Verónica Moreno, told La Voz del Interior, a large Spanish-language newspaper published in the Argentinian province of Córdoba.

Capitán didn’t impress Verónica Moreno, the widow of Miguel Guzmán, but seeing how faithful he has been changed her mind.

Even though the family called to the dog, he stayed by his master’s grave.

This surprised them: Miguel had passed away in a hospital in the city and his body was taken to a funeral home far away from their residence. None of the family members recalled the dog following them to the cemetery before.

“The next Sunday we went to visit Miguel’s grave and the dog was there. This time he followed us when we returned, because we had walked. He stayed with us at home for a while but later went back to the cemetery,” Verónica said.

He has made that cemetery his home for the past six years.

Verónica told La Voz that she didn’t really like the dog when he was living with her. Even when he was brought home as a gift, the woman thought he would cause too much extra housework.
But now that she’s seen the dog stand so loyally by her husband’s grave, she says she views the mutt more sympathetically.

On top of all this, the municipal cemetery’s director, Héctor Baccega, says the dog has a special sense for Miguel and a very particular schedule.

The first time Baccega saw the dog, he arrived at the cemetery alone. The dog then did a couple of laps around the place before finding his master’s grave — all on his own.

“And that’s not all,” Baccega said. “Every day, at six in the evening, he lies in the front of (Miguel’s) grave.”

Capitán vanished from his new home in the center of Argentina to be with his dead owner, Miguel Guzmán, who had been buried in March of 2006.

And even though the dog’s other owner, 13-year-old Damián, fondly remembers receiving Capitán as a puppy when he was a kid, he told the paper he is fine with Capitán’s new living arrangements.
“If he wants to stay there, it’s fine that he remains: he’s taking care of my dad,” he said.

Read more:

New Ark Ministries

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The first worldwide ministry for animals makes unprecedented claims that the word of God itself improves behavior and health concerns in animals. Further, New Ark claims that this will result in better relations between people and their pets and less animals in shelters.

We are thankful to Rev. Stacy Salles, for having the confidence to promote the idea of a ministry for animals to the vestry ... and their approval of their land. St. Paul Episcopal Church- 11100 W. St. Clair (32 Mile), (Across from Romeo High School) in Romeo, MI 48065.

We have 10 acres to roam, ALL ANIMALS great and small, whether they have fur, paw, feathers, hooves, skin or fin, are welcome to join us.

We are planning on skyping the service for those who can not attend.

New Ark Ministries aligns itself with the word of God when we pray that people have ears to hear and eyes to see. It has been well over 2000 years since God proclaimed "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15) Clearly this ministry is long overdue. "Liking" our page speaks volumes, you joining would change lives.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reorganization of the Franciscan Order and death


On September 29, 1220, Francis handed over the governance of the Order to brother Peter Catani at the Porziuncola. However, Brother Peter died only five months later, on March 10, 1221, and was buried in the Porziuncola. When numerous miracles were attributed to the late Peter Catani, people started to flock to the Porziuncola, disturbing the daily life of the Franciscans.

Francis then prayed, asking Peter to stop the miracles and obey in death as he had obeyed during his life. The reports of miracles ceased. Brother Peter was succeeded by Brother Elias as Vicar of Francis. Two years later, Francis modified the "First Rule" (creating the "Second Rule" or "Rule With a Bull"), and Pope Honorius III approved it on November 29, 1223.  As the official rule of the order, it called on the friars "to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, living in obedience without anything of our own and in chastity." In addition, it set regulations for discipline, preaching, and entry into the order.  Once the rule was endorsed by the Pope, Francis withdrew increasingly from external affairs.[ During 1221 and 1222 Francis crossed Italy, first as far south as Catania in Sicily and afterwards as far north as Bologna.

While he was praying on the mountain of Verna, during a forty-day fast in preparation for Michaelmas (September 29), Francis is said to have had a vision on or about September 14, 1224, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, as a result of which he received the stigmata.  Brother Leo, who had been with Francis at the time, left a clear and simple account of the event, the first definite account of the phenomenon of stigmata. "Suddenly he saw a vision of a seraph, a six-winged angel on a cross. This angel gave him the gift of the five wounds of Christ."  Suffering from these stigmata and from an eye disease, Francis received care in several cities (Siena, Cortona, Nocera) to no avail. In the end, he was brought back to a hut next to the Porziuncola. Here, in the place where it all began, feeling the end approaching, he spent the last days of his life dictating his spiritual testament. He died on the evening of October 3, 1226, singing Psalm 141.

On July 16, 1228, he was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX (the former cardinal Ugolino di Conti, friend of St Francis and Cardinal Protector of the Order). The next day, the Pope laid the foundation stone for the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi. He was buried on May 25, 1230, under the Lower Basilica. His burial place remained inaccessible until it was reopened in 1818. Pasquale Belli then constructed for his remains a crypt in neo-classical style in the Lower Basilica. It was refashioned between 1927 and 1930 into its present form by Ugo Tarchi, stripping the wall of its marble decorations. In 1978 the remains of St. Francis were identified by a commission of scholars appointed by Pope Paul VI, and put in a glass urn in the ancient stone tomb. Saint Francis is considered the first Italian poet by literary critics. He believed commoners should be able to pray to God in their own language, and he wrote often in the dialect of Umbria instead of Latin. His writings are considered to have great literary and religious value.